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This project was started back in 1998. I always loved playing basketball, both in real life and computer games. However, I've never seen any basketball game which is centered around single player - you. Some kind of combination of RPG and sports. And I believe such game genre is really interesting. In fact, I knew nothing of any such games.

At best a graphical game would be the best - so something like NBA Live, but where you can only play as a single player, which is actually possible in NBA Live, but the opponents play awfully bad when you're in charge of only one player. But being realistic, only text-based home-made game would be possible, so that was the target.

The first attempt (version 0.01) was quite interesting to play, but had much more potential than what was implemented. I decided to reopen the project 5 years later in late 2003 and also make it open source. By this time I had many ideas and also finally one similiar game has appeared on the market (Inside the park baseball).


Here are some features of the game, which are already implemented:


You can get all the files in the sourceforge project's page or download it from here:
Download the latest binary (200K)
Download the latest source (Delphi 5) (45K)

What's new

Currently I want to re-do the game from scratch because I didn't use databases at all in the old code, and also I want to completely re-organize the game. I'm in process of creating a game design document (GDD), which will describe what I want to achive in the new game. When it is finished, everybody is welcomed to post ideas.
You can discuss the game, suggest your ideas and features in the forum.